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"I Dream..."

The Sourcerer's Apprentice






my body was cold and shivered
and shivered and shivered until it was warm
tears fell
and fell and fell till they were gone,
my campfire said, it's good to know cold,
the full moon says, it's good to know aching,
the refugees say, care a child and you can go on.

I said body you have my permission to shiver
all the fears learned in childhood,
shiver out the fear of the unknown
make a lighter heart of company,
meet a stranger, make no stranger eyes.

Heads or tails, no
just arms and legs winding
walking, directing
this non-play no one applauds,
this long stretch home.
We all went home, the comforts aren't
just being,
you mean to hold
and know we're not alone.
Circles, trying circles
making heads and tails
of light enough to heal
a shattered heart.

—Summer Breeze