Sacramento Z, vol 1 no 1


We're still working on the guidelines for submitting articles, writing and art. Come back in a week and we'll have something for you.

Meanwhile, if you have something you think is z-axis or omoiyari (and very well written) and want to send it anyway, put it in a Word file (doc) with a cover page on it. Include on the coverpage your email address, your name and, if you wish, a pseudoname. If your work interests us we'll contact you as quickly as we can.

If you have some project you want to discuss, use the contact form below and give us a brief idea about what you have in mind.

Art, poetry, audio, stories, etc. same-same for now. Best go to Z-ARTS! to get some idea what we're angling for.

Guidelines about helping the Z, or if you want to start up a Z in your own community, are also in process. Check back frequently. It shouldn't be long before those are up as well.

And thank you all for your interest. Hope the Z is a useful tool for you. We're more interested in equipping than informing --if we do that, we've done our job.

— Red


(**the name you provide is only for correspondence, or if we print your comment in the Z. A pseudonym, pen-name or handle is fine with us.)