Andy Jones

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The Blood Jet

"The blood jet is poetry, / there is no stopping it." — Sylvia Plath

There is a giant shaking the second floor of the house, and he wishes to have words with you. There is a beast stretching his many limbs beneath your bed, and he opens his mouths to speak. The pool is sloshing, and a metaphor seeks to be born. There's a tank hiding in the city of Davis, and the tank is a symbol. A metaphor is hiding in the imagination of Davis, and it is better hidden than the tank. The contrarians of Davis will help us decide the uses of the tank. Search and rescue! Toxic oil train explosion recovery! It shall never be used to quell. We have learned much about quelling, and the people will not be quelled. The tank is a symbol. A city that needs symbols has rejected its tank. Some wish it to be a peace tank - a weapon of peace. Pink and orange peace decals affixed to the tank! Flowers in the turrets of the tank! (It's not a tank.) Fill its un-turreted maw with flowers, then. On Picnic Day, let David Breaux, our Man of Compassion, Climb the tank and wave to the children of Davis. Meanwhile, a thousand dollars a month for the tank! Some say ten thousand dollars a month for the tank. The tank needs to be fed, and flowers will not sustain it. Even the peacefulness of David Breaux will not sustain the tank. It is a symbol hungry for more than symbols! Somebody wrap up the MRAP and send it on its way! Shall its exit be our symbol? Let it arrive elsewhere, postage due. Goodbye to the tankhouse! Goodbye to the tank! But the giant is still shaking the second floor of your house. The giant wants us to awaken! It's an impact tremor, that's what it is! Wake up Davis, for the temblor has tumbled you out of bed! We must replenish the metaphors of the absent poet! You mustn't lose your spark of madness, the genie told us. Who will replenish his metaphors? What shall be our new symbol? We have been jolted awake, and the city is charged with the potential of metaphor. Your alarm is ringing! Do not hit snooze on the unwritten poem. The morning star cares not for your snooze button. Someone in Davis feels the blood jet of poetry. Someone in Davis is trembling with emotion, and shouldn't that someone be you?

Andy Jones, 2014
read at the Davis City Council, August 26,2014.

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